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Written By: R Mittle, I Nagrath
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Brand: TATA4
EAN: 9780070482937
ISBN: 0070482934
Number Of Pages: 487
Publication Date: 2017-07-01
Manufacturer: McGraw Hill Education

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"FeaturesThe book provides a compressive overview of the fundamental skills underlying the mechanism and control of manipulators. Detailed chapter on Velocity Transformations, jacobian and Singularities. Trajectory Planning is developed using both joint space and Cartesian space methods. Dynamic Modeling is treated by Lagrange-Euler and Euler-Newton formulations; complex derivations are put in the appendix to ensure a smooth flow for the reader. A comprehensive chapter on Robotic Control covering control strategies like PD, PID, computed torque control, force and impedance control at an appropriate level. A METLAB tutorial on using the package for Robotics is included as an appendix. A full chapter on the industrial applications of robots. All important industrial robot configurations with varying degrees of freedom are covered in various chapters and solved examples. An elaborate chapter (Chapter 9) devoted to Robotic Sensors and Vision. Includes over 50 solved examples and more than 270 simple-to-complex end-of-chapter exercises. Appendix on the underlying maths – Linear Algebra, Moment of Inertia Tensor and Equations of Motion"

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