Digital Computer Electronics

Digital Computer Electronics by Jerald Brown

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Written By: Albert Malvino, Jerald Brown
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 3
Language: English
Brand: TATA4
EAN: 9780074622353
ISBN: 0074622358
Number Of Pages: 522
Publication Date: 2017-07-01
Manufacturer: McGraw Hill Education

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Striking an ideally balanced approach, this text introducesstudents to microprocessor fundamentals by using apedagogical SAP (Simple-As-Possible) model computer. The text then relates these fundamentals to three real-world examples: Intel’s 8085, Motorola’s 6800, and the 6502 chip used by Apple Computers. Instructors can focus on just one of these popular microprocessors, or include the features of others. This edition correlates closely with popular chip trainers and includes added coverage of the Intel 8088 16-bit microprocessors. It also includes a student version of the TASM cross-assembler software program.

Experiments for Digital Computer Electronics, prepared expressly for this Third Edition, contains hardware and software experiments that allow students to expand upon the topics covered in the text through hands-on exercises. An Instructor’s Guide containing answers to chapter questions and experiment results is also offered.

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