Mechatronics by N/A Hmt

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Written By: N/A Hmt
Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Binding: Paperback
Language: Unknown
Brand: TATA4
EAN: 9780074636435
ISBN: 007463643X
Number Of Pages: 480
Publication Date: 2017-07-01
Manufacturer: McGraw Hill Education

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Interesting technological breakthroughs in the last decade have led to a proliferation of sophisticated consumer and industrial products. Products which were largely mechanical systems with limited electrical or electronic content have given way to electronic, chip-based systems that are integrated with mechanical systems. From electronic watches that have intricate circuits to machine tools that incorporate computer numerical control (CNC), these have high degrees of reliability, flexibility and elegance that touch levels of perfection!

Mechatronics refers to the fusion of precision mechanics in design, engineering and manufacture and electronics. The technology integrates mechanical, electronics and information engineering in the design of products and systems. This book has been developed at HMT Limited, Bangalore, a leading machine tool manufacturing company.

It introduces the reader to the subject of Mechatronics and develops it to a fairly advanced level.

Absolutely comprehensive in its coverage, Mechatronics includes among other topics:

  • CNC machines and manufacturing systems
  • Essentials for understanding Mechatronics
  • Design of CNC machines and mechatronic elements
  • Assembly techniques
  • CNC Systems and programming of CNC machines
  • Mechine tool testing
  • Industrial design, aesthetics and ergonomics

  • An attempt has been made to make the pedagogy lucid, at the same time blending the elements of mechanics, electronics and information systems in a well-defined way. The book will be very useful for degree and diploma students of mechanical and electronics engineering. Professionals from the machine tool user industry will find the book useful in their activities.

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