Elements of Power Electronics: Indian Edition

Elements of Power Electronics: Indian Edition by Philip T. Krein

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Written By: Philip T. Krein
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Binding: Paperback
Edition: Second
Language: English
EAN: 9780190880736
ISBN: 0190880732
Number Of Pages: 816
Publication Date: 2017-11
Manufacturer: Oxford University Press

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Elements of power electronics establishes a fundamental engineering basis for power electronics analysis, design and implementation, offering broad and in-depth coverage of basic material. Streamlined throughout to reflect new innovations in technology, the second international edition also features updates on renewable and alternative energy.
Models for real devices and components - including capacitors, inductors, wire connections and power semiconductors - are developed in depth, while newly expanded examples show students how to use tools like Mathcad, matlab and Mathematica to aid in the analysis and design of conversion circuits.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. Power electronics and the energy revolution
Chapter 2. Switching conversion and analysis
Part II: Converters and applications
Chapter 3. Dc-dc converters
Chapter 4. Rectifiers and switched capacitor circuits
Chapter 5. Inverters
Part III: real components and their effects
Chapter 6. Real sources and loads
Chapter 7. Capacitors and resistors
Chapter 8. Concepts of magnetics for power electronics
Chapter 9. Power semiconductors in converters
Chapter 10. Interfacing with power semiconductors
Part IV: Control aspects
Chapter 11. Overview of feedback control for converters
Chapter 12. Control modeling and design
Part V: Advanced topics
Chapter 13. Ac-ac conversion
Chapter 14. Resonance in converters
Chapter 15. Hysteresis and geometric control for power converters.

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