Global and Regional Changes in Atmospheric Composition

Global and Regional Changes in Atmospheric Composition by Erno Meszaros

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Written By: Erno Meszaros
Publisher: CRC Press

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Edition: 1
Language: English
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Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 1993-02-22
Manufacturer: CRC Press

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This is an excellent reference for atmospheric scientists, policy makers, environmental managers, and environmental consultants. Topics covered include acid rain, greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone, and the air chemistry of various materials - from their emission into the atmosphere to their removal. CONTENTS: Introduction: Past Changes in Atmospheric Environment. Present Variations of the Atmospheric Concentrations and Emissions of Trace Substances. Formation and Destruction of Trace Substances within the Atmosphere. Removal of Trace Substances from the Atmosphere. Atmospheric Cycles and Their Changes. Environmental Consequences of Anthropogenic Modifications: The Future of the Atmosphere. Index.

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