Petroleum Refinery Process Economics

Petroleum Refinery Process Economics by Robert E. Maples

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Written By: Robert E. Maples
Publisher: PennWell Books

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
Language: English
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ISBN: 0878147799
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Number Of Pages: 424
Publication Date: 2000-01-01
Manufacturer: PennWell Books

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Maples presents an organized look at yield data and properties of products from refinery processes, how to use this information in performing various process economics studies, and discusses operating and capital costs for economic evaluation of both single processes and complete refineries. Yield correlations are presented for all of the important commercially-established petroleum refinery processes, each accompanied by operating requirements and capital cost of a typical unit. Here the user has all of the information required to perform a preliminary economic evaluation. For each process yield correlation a simplified process flow diagram and brief process description is given. Contents: Correlation methodology Crude oils, hydrocarbons, and refinery products Refinary processing overview Energy resources and transportation fuels The environment and the refinery Crude oil and residual oil processing Solvent deasphalting Visbreaking and aquaconversion Delayed coking Fluid coking/flexicoking Heavy distillate processing Fluid catalylic and heavy oil cracking Hydrocracking Hydrotreating Light distillate processing Naphtha desulfurization Catalytic reforming Light hydrocarbon processing Isomerization Alkylation Catalytic polymerization and dehydration Oxygenates Treating and other auxiliary processes Aromatics extraction Hydrogen manufacture Sour water stripping Sweetening Acid gas removal Sulfur recovery Tail gas cleanup Water treatment and waste disposal Blending Process economics Economics.

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