The Economics of Fire Protection

The Economics of Fire Protection by Ganapathy Ramachandran

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Written By: Ganapathy Ramachandran
Publisher: Routledge

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1
Language: English
EAN: 9781138993280
Format: Import
ISBN: 113899328X
Number Of Pages: 248
Publication Date: 2015-11-26
Manufacturer: Routledge

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This important new book, the first of its kind in the fire safety field, discusses the economic problems faced by decision-makers in the areas of fire safety and fire precautions. The author considers the theoretical aspects of cost-benefit analysis and other relevant economic problems with practical applications to fire protection systems. Clear examples are included to illustrate these techniques in action.
The work covers:
* the performance and effectiveness of passive fire protection measures such as structural fire resistance and means of escape facilities, and active systems such as sprinklers and detectors
* the importance of educating for better understanding and implementation of fire prevention through publicity campaigns and fire brigade operations
* cost-benefit analysis of fire protection measures and their combinations, taking into account trade-offs between these measures.
The book is essential reading for consultants and academics in construction management, economics and fire safety, as well as for insurance and risk management professionals.

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