Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series)

Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series) by Essam E. Khalil

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Written By: Heba Allah Essam E. Khalil, Essam E. Khalil
Publisher: CRC Press

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Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment is a study of energy crisis, urbanisation, and climate change, as well as a discussion of how to combat these global challenges. With a special focus on Egypt, this book addresses the macroscale of urbanism from the perspective of city dwellers’ quality of life, and explores the microscale of buildings and the perspective of ensuring indoor air quality within the boundaries of energy efficiency.

Offering an integrated view of energy systems and urban planning supported by extensive data, references, and case studies, this text:

  • Examines the energy efficiency performance of cities following sustainable urbanism principles
  • Investigates how informal areas in developing countries achieve sustainable development
  • Presents energy-efficient urban planning as a tool for improving city energy performance
  • Proposes the development of a common procedure for obtaining an energy performance certificate
  • Calculates the energy performance of buildings, accounting for heating/cooling systems and other variables

Energy Efficiency in the Urban Environment demonstrates the importance of implementing an energy performance directive to aid energy savings in large buildings and set regulations for energy-efficient designs based on standard calculation methods. This book provides engineers working with sustainable energy systems, urban planners needing information on energy systems and optimisation, and professors and students of engineering, environmental science, and urban planning with a valuable reference on energy sustainability.

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