Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins

Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins by Rafal Leszko

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Written By: Rafal Leszko
Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited

Binding: Paperback
Language: English
EAN: 9781787125230
Format: Import
ISBN: 1787125238
Number Of Pages: 332
Publication Date: 2017-08-24
Manufacturer: Packt Publishing Limited

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Unleash the combination of Docker and Jenkins in order to enhance the DevOps workflow About This Book * Build reliable and secure applications using Docker containers. * Create a complete Continuous Delivery pipeline using Docker, Jenkins, and Ansible. * Deliver your applications directly on the Docker Swarm cluster. * Create more complex solutions using multi-containers and database migrations. Who This Book Is For This book is indented to provide a full overview of deep learning. From the beginner in deep learning and artificial intelligence to the data scientist who wants to become familiar with Theano and its supporting libraries, or have an extended understanding of deep neural nets. Some basic skills in Python programming and computer science will help, as well as skills in elementary algebra and calculus. What You Will Learn * Get to grips with docker fundamentals and how to dockerize an application for the Continuous Delivery process * Configure Jenkins and scale it using Docker-based agents * Understand the principles and the technical aspects of a successful Continuous Delivery pipeline * Create a complete Continuous Delivery process using modern tools: Docker, Jenkins, and Ansible * Write acceptance tests using Cucumber and run them in the Docker ecosystem using Jenkins * Create multi-container applications using Docker Compose * Managing database changes inside the Continuous Delivery process and understand effective frameworks such as Cucumber and Flyweight * Build clustering applications with Jenkins using Docker Swarm * Publish a built Docker image to a Docker Registry and deploy cycles of Jenkins pipelines using community best practices In Detail The combination of Docker and Jenkins improves your Continuous Delivery pipeline using fewer resources. It also helps you scale up your builds, automate tasks and speed up Jenkins performance with the benefits of Docker containerization. This book will explain the advantages of combining Jenkins and Docker to improve the continuous integration and delivery process of app development. It will start with setting up a Docker server and configuring Jenkins on it. It will then provide steps to build applications on Docker files and integrate them with Jenkins using continuous delivery processes such as continuous integration, automated acceptance testing, and configuration management. Moving on you will learn how to ensure quick application deployment with Docker containers along with scaling Jenkins using Docker Swarm. Next, you will get to know how to deploy applications using Docker images and testing them with Jenkins. By the end of the book, you will be enhancing the DevOps workflow by integrating the functionalities of Docker and Jenkins. Style and approach The book is aimed at DevOps Engineers, developers and IT Operations who want to enhance the DevOps culture using Docker and Jenkins.

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