Measurement, Instrumentation and Experiment Design in Physics and Engineering

Measurement, Instrumentation and Experiment Design in Physics and Engineering by Sayer

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Written By: Sayer
Publisher: Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1 Edition
Language: English
EAN: 9788120312692
ISBN: 8120312694
Number Of Pages: 380
Publication Date: 1999
Manufacturer: Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited

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This book is designed to be used at the advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate level in physics, applied physics and engineering physics. The objectives are to demonstrate the principles of experimental practice in physics and physics related engineering. The text shows how measurement, experiment design, signal processing and modern instru-mentation can be used most effectively. The emphasis is to review techniques in important areas of application so that a reader develops his or her own insight and knowledge to work with any instrument and its manual. Questions are provided throughout to assist the student towards this end. Laboratory practice in temperature measurement, optics, vacuum practice, electrical measurements and nuclear instrumentation is covered in detail.A Solution Manual will be provided for the instructors. Table Of Contents Preface. Physical Measurement. Instrumentation and System Design. Transducer Properties. Signal to Noise Considerations. Instrumentation Electronics. Vacuum Techniques. Optical Instruments. X-ray Measurements. Radioactivity and Matter. Radiation Detection and Measurement. Analytical Instrumentation. Occupational Health and Safety. Appendices. Index. ...

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