A Textbook of Transportation Engineering

A Textbook of Transportation Engineering by S P Chandola

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Written By: S P Chandola
Publisher: S Chand Publishing

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st Edition 2001
Language: English
EAN: 9788121920728
ISBN: 8121920728
Number Of Pages: 544
Publication Date: 2016-01
Manufacturer: S Chand Publishing

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Successful in its aim to impart comprehensive knowledge of Transportation Engineering to the students of civil engineering, “A Textbook of Transportation Engineering” helps the reader understand the role of a transportation engineer in developing efficient transportation systems that fulfil the need of rapidly growing infrastructure of the country. After clearly understanding the geometric requirements of a road system, students learn about Air Transport and Tunnelling.
• Book has been divided into five Sections – Railways, Docks and Harbours, Road Transport, Air Transport and Tunnelling
• More than 180 tables, 360+ figures and 270+ questions help in easy understanding of the technical aspects
• Latest code of practice (IS) for construction have been referred at relevant places.

Section-I: Railways
Section-II: Docks and Harbours
Section-III: Road and Road Transport
Section-IV: Air Transport
Section-V: Tunnelling

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