A Textbook of Biotechnology

A Textbook of Biotechnology by R C Dubey

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Written By: R C Dubey
Publisher: S Chand

Binding: Paperback
Edition: Fifth
Language: English
EAN: 9788121926089
ISBN: 8121926084
Number Of Pages: 616
Publication Date: 2014-01
Manufacturer: S Chand

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Designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of Biotechnology, this comprehensive and well-written text discusses the concepts, tools, techniques and applications of biotechnology in a simple and easy to understand language. Besides undergraduate students of Biotechnology, this book will also be useful for Civil Services and other competitive examinations.
• Simple text and subject matter completely illustrated
• Numerous tables for enhancing understanding of the concepts
• Chapter-end exercises in line with the latest pattern of examination 1. Biotechnology: Scope and Importance
2. Genes: Nature, Concept and Synthesis
3. Tools of Genetic Engineering - I: Basic Requirements
4. Tools of Genetic Engineering–II: Cutting and Joining of DNA
5. Tools of Genetic Engineering – III: Cloning Vectors
6. Techniques of Genetic Engineering
7. Genetic Engineering for Human Welfare
8. Genomics and Proteomics
9. Bioinformatics
10. Animal Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
11. Manipulation of Reproduction and Transgenic Animals
12. In Vitro Culture Techniques of Plant Cells, Tissues and Organs
13. Applications of Plant Cell, Tissues and Organ Cultures
14. Molecular Markers of Plant and Animal Genomes
15. Cryopreservation
16. Features of Biotechnological Importance in Microorganisms
17. Microbial Products: Primary and Secondary Metabolites
18. Single Cell Protein (SCP) and Mycoprotein
19. Biological Nitrogen Fixation
20. Bio fertilizers (Microbial Inoculants)
21. Bio pesticides (Biological Control of Plant Pathogens, Pests and Weeds)
22. Enzyme Biotechnology
23. Biomass: A Renewable Source of Energy
24. Biomass Energy (Bio-energy)
25. Environmental Biotechnology
26. Biotechnology and Biosafety, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and Protection (IPP)

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