Introduction to the Optical Transfer Function

Introduction to the Optical Transfer Function by Charles S. Williams

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Written By: Charles S. Williams

Binding: Paperback
Edition: First
Language: English
EAN: 9788122428315
ISBN: 8122428312
Number Of Pages: 432
Publication Date: 2010-01-01

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Introduction to the Optical Transfer Function provides a well-illustrated treatment of the fundamental concepts of spatial frequency, spread function, wave aberration and transfer function-and how these concepts are related in an optical system, how they are measured and calculated and how they may be useful.

Introduction to the Optical Transfer Function describes how the OTF can be used when specifications for the optical system are being drawn up, when the OTF is part of a merit function while the system is being designed by the computer and when the optical system is being tested to verify adherence to specifications. The book also shows how the OTF can be calculated mathematically, both by analytical procedures and by numerical methods of integration. In the appendix some pertinent mathematical basics are reviewed and a number of OTF calculations by other researchers are documented.

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