Engineering Phyiscal Metallurgy

Engineering Phyiscal Metallurgy by Yuri Lakhtin

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Written By: Yuri Lakhtin
Publisher: CBS Publishers & Distributors

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Language: English
EAN: 9788123906027
ISBN: 8123906021
Number Of Pages: 296
Publication Date: 2005-12-01
Manufacturer: CBS Publishers & Distributors

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This book is intended for the engineering personnel of metallurgical and metalworking plants. It may also be of value for students of engineering institutes and technical schools. This book deals with the basic principles of general physical metallurgy: structure of metals, plastic deformation, and recrystallization in metals. It also considers equilibrium diagrams for binary and ternary systems, the fundamentals involved in the kinetics of phase transformations in metal alloys, as well as the methods employed in the study and testing of metals and their alloys. Dr. Lakhtin is the Prorector of the Moscow Highway Design Institute and heads the Department of Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of the same institute. He is the author of numerous scientific works and textbooks. Most of his works are concerned with the field of case-hardening (chemical heat treatment) of metals. His monograph "Physics of the Nitriding Process" (in Russian) has received wide acclaim. Dr. Lakhtin's textbooks "Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment" and "Engineering Physical Metallurgy" enjoy a well-deserved popularity between student and lecturers of engineering institutes. In its engineering aspects, this book provides comprehensive data on the structure, properties, and applications of steels, cast irons, nonferrous metals, and their alloys, and a basic understanding of theory and practice in the field of heat treatment and chemical surface hardening methods.

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