Mechatronics (Anna University): A Multidisciplinary Approach

Mechatronics (Anna University): A Multidisciplinary Approach by William Bolton

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Written By: William Bolton
Publisher: Pearson Education

Binding: Paperback
Edition: Fourth
EAN: 9789332574038
ISBN: 9332574030
Number Of Pages: 616
Publication Date: 2016-05-20
Manufacturer: Pearson Education

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The fourth edition of Mechatronics provides a solid understanding of the key skills and interdisciplinary approach required to successfully design Mechatronic systems. Case-studies and use of models for mechatronic systems, help give a real-world context, whilst self-test questions and exercises help test understanding.

New chapter on 'Artificial Intelligence'.
New four-part structure that groups key themes with a consolidating and integrating final chapter.
Updated chapter on Microprocessors.
Large number of case studies that showcase applications of mechatronic systems.

Table of Contents
Preface Introduction
1. Introducing mechatronics
Part I: Sensors and signal conditioning
2. Sensors and transducers
3. Signal conditioning
4. Digital signals
5. Digital logic
6. Data presentation systems
Part II: Actuation
7. Pneumatic and hydraulic actuation systems
8. Mechanical actuation systems
9. Electrical actuation systems
Part III: System models
10. Basic system models
11. System models
12. Dynamic responses of systems
13. System transfer functions
14. Frequency response
15. Closed-loop controllers
16. Artificial intelligence
Part IV: Microprocessor systems
17. Microprocessors
18. Assembly language
19. C Language
20. Input/output systems
21. Programmable logic controllers
22. Communication systems
23. Fault finding
Part V: Conclusion
24. Mechatronics systems

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