Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by Ross Keith W.

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Written By: Kurose James F., Ross Keith W.
Publisher: Pearson Education

Binding: Paperback
Edition: Sixth
EAN: 9789332585492
ISBN: 9332585490
Number Of Pages: 888
Publication Date: 2017-06-30
Manufacturer: Pearson Education

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Building on the successful top-down approach of previous editions, the Sixth Edition of Computer Networking continues with an early emphasis on application-layer paradigms and application programming interfaces (the top layer), encouraging a hands-on experience with protocols and networking concepts, before working down the protocol stack to more abstract layers.

This book has become the dominant book for this course because of the authors’ reputations, the precision of explanation, the quality of the art program and the value of their own supplements.
Features A balanced presentation focuses on the Internet as a specific motivating example of a network and also introduces students to protocols in a more theoretical context.
A chapter on wireless and mobility includes insight into 802.11 and coverage of ad hoc networking.
Principles and Practice boxes throughout demonstrate real-world applications of the principles studied.
Case History boxes are sprinkled in to help tell the story of the history and development of computer networking.
Material on application programming development is included, along with numerous programming assignments.
A highly developed art program enhances the descriptions of concepts.
A comprehensive Companion Website, which includes additional learning material, links to relevant online resources and lab material
Table of Contents Chapter 1 Computer Networks and the Internet
Chapter 2 Application Layer
Chapter 3 Transport Layer
Chapter 4 The Network Layer
Chapter 5 The Link Layer: Links, Access Networks and LANs
Chapter 6 Wireless and Mobile Networks
Chapter 7 Multimedia Networking Applications
Chapter 8 Security in Computer Networks
Chapter 9 Network Management

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