Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8

Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8 by DT Editorial Services

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Written By: R. Nageswara Rao, DT Editorial Services
Publisher: Dreamtech Press

Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9789351199250
ISBN: 9351199258
Number Of Pages: 720
Publication Date: 2016
Manufacturer: Dreamtech Press

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Core Java – An Integrated Approach covers all core concepts in a methodical way. It helps you learn the concepts—from OOPS to abstract classes and interfaces; from software packaging to providing API documents; from error handling to converting fundamental data into object form; from collection framework to streams and creating client and server program to threads; from creating GUI applications to generics and communication with database. This book also covers the interview questions along with the subject matter to help students do well in interviews. The questions presented in this book have been collected from various interviews.

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