Advanced Surveying: Total Station, GPS, GIS & Remote Sensing by Pearson

Advanced Surveying: Total Station, GPS, GIS & Remote Sensing by Pearson by N. Madhu

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Written By: Gopi Satheesh, R.Sathikumar, N. Madhu
Publisher: Pearson Education

Binding: Paperback
Edition: Second
EAN: 9789352860722
ISBN: 9352860721
Number Of Pages: 488
Publication Date: 2017-09-25
Manufacturer: Pearson Education

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Extensively revised and updated, the second edition of Advanced Surveying includes the latest advancements and instruments in the field such as total station, electronic distance measuring (EDM), GPS and LIDAR. The modern trends of remote sensing and GIS are presented with several case studies.
A must-have for all undergraduate students of civil engineering! Practicing engineering and students studying geoinformatics/geomatics will also find the book extremely useful.

• New - Chapters on Basics of Global Positioning Systems and Surveying Using Global Positioning Systems
• New - Chapter on Spatial Analysis discussing classification of analytic functions of a GIS and overlay function.
• New – Appendix A deals with the basic geodetic aspects required for GPS-based surveying
• New - Appendices B–D provide step-by-step field procedure of various models of total stations
• Covers modern surveying instruments such as automatic levels, digital levels, micro-optic theodolites, LIDAR, digital plan meters and laser levels
• Dedicated Chapter on Applications of GIS with inclusion of new case studies

Table of Contents Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts of Geographic Information System
Chapter 2 GIS Data Models
Chapter 3 Data Acquisition
Chapter 4 Maps and Map Projections
Chapter 5 The Coordinate System
Chapter 6 Spatial Analysis
Chapter 7 Application of GIS
Chapter 8 Basics of Total Station
Chapter 9 Electronic Distance Measurements
Chapter 10 Surveying Using Total Station
Chapter 11 Data Collection Procedures
Chapter 12 Automatic Level, Digital Level and Optical Theodolites
Chapter 13 Aerial Surveying
Chapter 14 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Chapter 15 Basics of Global Positioning System
Chapter 16 Surveying Using Global Positioning System

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