Steel Tables With Plastic Modulus of I.S. Sections

Steel Tables With Plastic Modulus of I.S. Sections by S. S. Bhavikatti

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Written By: S. S. Bhavikatti
Publisher: I K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd

Binding: Paperback
Edition: 3rd Revised edition
EAN: 9789385909740
Format: Import
ISBN: 9385909746
Number Of Pages: 96
Publication Date: 2017-07-30
Manufacturer: I K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd

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Though determining plastic modulus of section assuming the section to consist of rectangular parts are within the reach of a design engineer, but as Indian Rolled Steel Sections consist of sloping flanges, fillets at junctions and rounded edges are slightly complex. The authors have considered all the complexities in the shapes of Rolled Steel Sections and have determined Plastic Modulus of Steel Sections for I-beams, Channels, Tee-sections, Equal and Unequal Angle sections, I-beams with cover plates on both flanges and I-beams with Channel section on the upper compression flange (for Gantry Girders) and Double channel laced or battened columns. Besides this buckling class of the sections in bending and axial compression are also provided. Useful information about properties of Indian Standard straps, strips and sheets are tabulated for ready reference for design engineers. The book also provides ready references of shear strength and tensile strength of Grade M4.6 bolts of different sizes and minimum end distances and pitches in their connections. Fillet weld strength per mm length are also given. At the end important formulae to be used in Working Stress Method and Limit State Method are provided.

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