Electric Circuits with MindTap

Electric Circuits with MindTap by Dr. James S. Kang

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Written By: Dr. James S. Kang
Publisher: Cengage India Private Limited

Binding: Paperback
Edition: First
EAN: 9789386650344
ISBN: 9386650347
Number Of Pages: 1584
Publication Date: 2017-07-01
Manufacturer: Cengage India Private Limited

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Introduce your students to electric circuits with common design practices and simulations when you use Kang’s Electric Circuits. This engaging book presents the fundamental concepts of electric circuits alongside examples, exercises and problems. Fresh examples provide students with clear methods for understanding how electric circuits function. Each chapter includes several examples and problems related to circuit design with answers provided for the odd-numbered questions. This allows students to use the questions for self-guided study and practice. Electric Circuits offers comprehensive coverage, from DC circuits and AC circuits to Laplace transformed circuits. MATLAB scripts for certain examples provide an alternate method for solving circuit problems and give students an effective tool for checking answers and reducing laborious derivations and calculations. The book also includes PSpice and Simulink examples to demonstrate electric circuit simulations.


• Chapter summaries and reviews highlight key points. Each chapter begins with a chapter summary that emphasizes the key points that follow in the chapter. Every chapter then ends with a concise review of the fundamental concepts that the author presented.
• Simple, intuitive presentation clearly explains concepts. The author presents topics using a straightforward, intuitive approach followed by memorable examples and practical exercises. The examples and exercises reinforce learning by starting with simple questions and then moving to more challenging questions as students gain confidence. The solutions to the questions used in the examples are detailed so that students can check their understanding.
• MATLAB scripts highlight alternative methods for solving circuit problems. This efficient tool is provided for certain examples as an alternate method to solve circuit problems. Matlab is a tool that can be used effectively in checking answers and reducing laborious derivations and calculations.
• Examples utilize pspice and simulink to demonstrate circuit simulation. Each chapter includes examples that provide students with hands-on practice using these professional tools.
• End-of-chapter problems ensure student understanding. Each chapter concludes with a set of problems for students. Answers for selected questions appear in the appendix so students may use them for self-study. The full set of answers is available for you, the instructor.
• Carefully reviewed test bank saves preparation time and checks mastery of material. A test bank with accompanying solutions is provided for your convenience.
• includes mind tap which is an interactive, customizable and complete learning solution. It includes a mind tap reader and a library of learning apps (e.g., cnow, aplia, readspeaker, merriam-webster dictionary, mycontent, rss feed, kaltura, progress app, etc.)

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